Whisky Academy

Whisky Training:

We conduct training for whisky lovers, enthusiasts, restauranteurs, bartenders, etc as part of GastroSuisse in Bern. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a customized quote.

Wall of Fame:

Since its construction in 1995 our whisky bar, "Devil's Place", has warmly welcomed thousands of visitors. Some have tried their first (and last) whiskys here. Others have lost their hearts in the same moment they were led to the golden drink for the first time, desperate to find the legend of the drink. Whisky is not just a drink with alcohol, it is a passion. A passion that is a philosophy of life in which one encounters the discovery of Scotland's culture and its endless, intriguing tales and stories. This has led us to the guild of our "Devils Place Whisky Academy"--the Wall of Fame, to which one can be nominated. Have fun tasting! Slainte!

Club 50 = 50 whiskys tasted: A place in the guild of the "Devil's Place Whisky Academy" with your name on the Wall of Fame and a certificate as whiskey connoisseur.

Club 100 = 100 whisky tastings: Your portrait image on the Wall of Fame as well as certificate as whisky expert.